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A2E Assessment

A2E Assessment

Know Your Student. A2E Behavioural Science Assessments & Coaching Guides

JobReady has partnered with Esher House to bring you A2E – Assess2Educate.

Through student assessments, course commitment ratings and coaching guides, you can better understand your students and provide proven, targeted interventions and support that help you improve completion rates.

With A2E, you will receive:

  • Assessments (a simple 12 question survey) that can be sent to the student by email or accessed via self-service.
  • The student commitment rating clearly displayed in JobReady. Report on student ratings for groups of or all students.
  • Recommended and proven coaching guides so you can better support students and ask the right questions.

Assessments are available in 50, 100, 200 and 500 packs. Select the number required above.

Enterprise pricing is available upon request.

By purchasing a pack of A2E Assessments, you agree to the A2E Terms & Conditions located here.

All prices are exclusive of GST.